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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 13, 2022
In Wellness Forum
In Yi'an's food photos, you can always see a style of life that is very comfortable and comfortable. From the tableware to the plate, from the light and shadow to the color of the dishes, everything seems to be specially designed, but it is so natural. I couldn't help but ask Aon, "How do you mix dishes, utensils, and photography to create such an atmosphere?" Aon responded with her hearty "hahaha" three-word laugh. Before answering me directly, I first mentioned the matter of "making tea". Everyone's motivation is different. Some people are attracted by the beauty of the utensils, but Yi An herself is purely because the tea is delicious. 271827039_101343775785116_49174347359262 Photo Credit: Aon's cooking In the process of photo retouching pursuing "tea tastes good", I discovered that the position of the tea set on the tea table is meaningful, and improper placement will affect the action of brewing tea and the control of time. Making tea, the pursuit of the core is the smell, cooking is also. The utensils are used to serve the taste, because everyone likes different tastes, and the selection of objects will change accordingly, creating what everyone calls "style". Style is the result of following preferences. Aon's kitchen is all plain-colored utensils, because she likes quick stir-fry dishes, and the spicy smell is just as unrestrained and interesting as Aon's. Quick stir-fry with various colors, if paired with a patterned plate, it will become very messy visually, reducing the degree of delicious

Nayeem Ahmed

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